Thursday, February 18, 2010

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On Silent Wings
Deborah Audra McCord Skousen

Do I need to bow on bended knee
Or, bow my head to speak to thee?

Can I pray while walking,
and speak with thee?

Will I find your whisperings
in my heart
when sitting on an earthly rock,
or while looking at the eagles soar?

As the words of man grow cold within my heart,
can you warm this earthy soul?
And hear a prayer to soften the human heart;
as men contrive with deceit in mind.

No tinkling of church bell chimes,
or organ playing in song of praise;
only me speaking with thee.

Do I need to pray on bended knee,
for all mankind to see?

Prayers send on silent wings,
unseen by mortal eyes,
to open spiritual sight.

Can I pray while walking,
And speak with thee?

There are times in our lives when met with abuses, challenges, or disappointments within our faith that take us back, challenges our beliefs, or cause us to leave our faith. We can find ourselves locked in a struggle between organization and spirituality; feeling ourselves alone to work through our spiritual struggle. This struggle is one of the many steps to healing - each of us in the end coming to terms and finding our own answers.

Out of this struggle “On Silent Wings” was born.

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